NW Adventures: Crater Lake, OR.

Spring has sprung and it is making me think of great road trips in the PNW. I went to Crater Lake a few years back and it was beyond beautiful. It was in the summer during the warmest days of the year and so I jumped in the lake for a little cool down. Yes, it was cold water… but it felt so clean and refreshing! There is only a few spots around the lake you can actually swim in, including Cleetwood Cove, shown in the pictures below. I can't wait to go back and see these glorious shades of blue! 

NW Adventures: Painted Hills, OR.

During my most recent road trip to central Oregon, we decided to head out to the badlands. It was overcast that day, but we heard that the beautiful shades of colors were more vibrant in that kind of weather. When we arrived at the Painted Hills, we were shocked to be the only people in the whole national monument. It was so quiet and all we could hear were cows mooing in the far distance. I felt so inspired by all the rusty tones and hues. Here a just a few of the photos I took that day!

NW Adventures: Three Creeks Trail, Sisters, OR.

A few weeks ago I went to Redmond to stay with some of my best friends and they took me on this lovely hike in Sisters, OR. We had no clue that it would snow on us, but it made it so magical and then as we got closer to the shelter the sun came out. We had a fire, ate some snacks and had a few brews! It was a really good day.

NW Adventures: The Oregon Coast.

It was early Sunday morning and although the forecast predicted rain, I decided to pack up my camera and dog to head out to the coast. One of the perks about living in Portland is that you are a close drive to the beach or the mountains. It was misty and foggy all day, making for some pretty awesome pictures. I came back to Portland feeling refreshed and inspired! 

NW Adventures: Smith Rock.

The NW has so many beautiful places to visit and explore, I can't seem to get enough of it! I plan to share some of them on here, to get you all out there! :) We took a weekend trip to visit one of my very best friends and they took us on this great hike at Smith Rock. Even with it being overcast skies, the scenery was amazing. Once we got to the top to enjoy the views. we drank our beers and took some cool pictures. Here are just some of them.